Home & Office Visits

Need some help with plants at home or in the office? Let us come and see you!

We can carry out a visit for general plant advice, help with a particular spot, or a quotation for some new greenery in your life!

Some recent examples:

  • One customer had just purchased a new home, and wanted plants to be a main feature of the house. We walked room to room, taking photos and discussing possible options for large and small plants based on the light, temperature and draught conditions in each room. We then provided a full list of options and the customer purchased multiple large plants, and was very happy!
  • Another long standing customer who has been coming to us for years wanted some help with some of their plants which weren't thriving in the places they were currently kept. We visited the home, and were given a guided tour of each room and the plants in each, and was able to inform the customer exactly why some of the plants weren't thriving. A few of the plants were particularly stressed either by getting not enough light or being in a busy cold kitchen, affected by temperature and draughts. The plants are now loving their new placements and the customer came away with a huge amount of new knowledge on their leafy friends!

How to arrange a visit?

  • Initial visit completely free. Regular maintenance visits are charged at £35 after that
  • Get in touch using our Contact Form, email hello@mintplants.co.uk, pop in to the shop or call 01172 392952 to have a chat.