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Welcome. Just click on a houseplant name, and you should find all that you need. If there are any burning questions left or any issues with what you have read (after you've read the disclaimer, of course) then DEFINITELY get in touch. We love a chat/full blown criticism/a chance to have a row. The last one was a joke.

Please also let us know if there's a plant missing that you'd like to see listed here. Chances are between us, we can rub a penny or two! 

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Adiantum fragrans aka Maidenhair fern

Alocasia cucullata



EVERYONE'S HOMES ARE DIFFERENT! This is what works for us, over years of trial and error and first hand experience with these plants. However, there may be some whacky environmental condition present in your home that affects plants in a whacky way. This we cannot take any responsibility for, but we'd love to chat to you about it! Contact us at the Mint HQ in Bristol if you've got any queries or comments!