At Mint we are obsessed with plants, and make it our mission to fill every sill with greenery. Alongside our shop, we provide the following services...


Tailored plant installation to any part of your home. Be it an empty corner that needs some life, or a new house that could do with a splash of colour. Let us visit (for free) and take a look at your space. We will then provide you with advice and a few options based upon the most ideal plants for the space. 

Bespoke sourcing

Got a certain type of plant in mind? Want something you've seen on Instagram but don't know how to get hold of it? We can (almost) guarantee that we can find it! With access to all of the markets and distributors across Europe there isn't much we cannot get our hands on with a little patience. 

Installation & guidance

Love plants but don't know what to do with them? We can create installations to suit your home or workplace and advise on exactly how and when to care for them.

Maintenance contracts

Too many plants to deal with? For as little as £10 per week we can pop in and spruce them up for you. 

Contact us or pop into the shop to book an appointment.