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Aeonium arboreum 11cm A

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Beautiful rose-shaped Aeonium arboreum with solid green leaves.

Planted in a vintage 11cm terracotta pot and top dressed with Akadama. Please be aware the pot may have imperfections due to the age of it. 

These Aeoniums are planted in a mix that contains everything the plant needs, including feed, for the rest of the year so no need to do anything other than water.

Aeoniums need bright light and are happy outside during the summer, from April/May to September. They love the rain! Their growth season is earlier than most, which starts in February/March. They can then go into a temporary dormancy mid-summer (around June/July) & then restart growing on to September.

Over winter they need to be kept frost free but not warm, as they need a period of dormancy and cool temperatures to mimic their natural conditions. The ideal environment is an unheated, frost free greenhouse or conservatory.

Wait until the compost has fully dried before giving a good thorough soaking. In winter, succulents shut down so minimal water should be given between the months of October and March.