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Mini Ceropegia woodii 'String of Hearts'

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The String of Hearts comes in many forms, this being the classic, original, MUST HAVE, easy care, small & beautiful house friend!!

Pot size 6cm

Loves bright light, but doesn't need full sun. The more light this plant gets, the more purple the leaves & flowers turn out. If the gaps between the leaves on the stem become unusually elongated, or the ends of the stems start turning sharply upwards, then the light is not strong enough.

This plant is a succulent, so needs to be kept very dry, and given a full soak (overnight is best) about once a month or so. This will vary depending on how warm the temperatures are and how happy the plant is, etc. In winter, succulents shut right down so drop the watering down to roughly once every 8 weeks or so between October and March.

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