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Mini Plant Monthly Subscription Box - 10% off first TWO BOXES and FREE GIFT for all signups in August!

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The Mint choice!

Love our plants but can't choose? 

Want a fresh taste of our healthiest, most loved stock each month? In tiny form so you can watch them grow?

Let us take the decision out of your hands and sign up to one of our exclusive monthly subscription boxes, containing three beautiful plants in baby form PLUS a 2L bag of pre-mixed compost and full instructions of when and how to repot your tiny new friends.

What's more, if you already have one of the plants in the box, we will let you bring it into the shop and swap it for something else, completely free.

What's MORE? Get 10% off your first TWO BOXES and all orders during August receive a free gift to celebrate the launch!

There are three to choose from: 

The Classic Box

Three of our most favourite baby plants, either rare or common but always healthy and unbelievably cute, ranging from Alocasia to Zamioculcas and back again. Plus a bag of our plant-appropriate compost and full instructions on care & repotting.

The Pet Friendly Box

Three worry free baby plants that your furry pals can munch happily to their hearts content. With our ready mixed compost and instructions on how to make them thrive!

The Rare Succulent Box

Three of our quirky, rare succulents. No cacti, but there may be spines! These plants are sourced from all over the UK from private growers and are truly one of a kind. You will not find them anywhere else! Of course including full information on succulent care and repotting, plus a ready mixed bag of compost.

Terms & Conditions

Boxes are automatically billed on the first of the month, then packed in our Bristol store and sent out in the last week of the month.

We guarantee the plants will be different each month, and will exceed the value of the subscription box itself. You may even receive more than three ;)

Shipping costs are not included, and calculated at checkout. There is no minimum duration and you can cancel at any time. 

Delivery charges

For Bristol postcodes, delivery over £20 is completely free.

For GL12 postcodes, delivery is free regardless of order value.

Further afield, shipping is £6.99, or free for orders over £60.

Local pickup is also available in both Wotton and Bristol, and is free.