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Opuntia microdasys v. rufida 8cm

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Originating from a private UK collector, these plants are completely unique. No two are the same, and some species we have never before seen here at Mint.

Cacti & succulents must be kept in very bright light. It doesn't have to be full sun, as long as it is in constant daylight it will be ok. Indoors, it is best to always keep them on a windowsill.

Water once a month during summer months only, do not water during winter hibernation period from October to March-April (whenever it gets warm). If your succulent looks extra wrinkly and sad in the winter months, you can water maybe once, but never water cacti.

When watering, be sure to give your plant a thorough soak. Ideally, soak them overnight as they drink very slowly and need a long time to get a good enough drink. Then, leave them to dry fully for a number of weeks.

The beautiful peach spined rufida is in a pot sized 8cm.