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Sarracenia 'trumpet pitcher' 12cm

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Ahhhhh the Carnivorous. A special breed of plants, native to acidic bogs. They're probably the easiest in the world to care for, as you have to keep them constantly wet. There's no doubt or uncertainty here, if you fancy watering it, you can!

The tricky part? They can't handle tap water. The chlorine, and whatever other nasties come down the pipes with it, will do them in. So save your kettle water or rain water if you can and bung that at them instead!

They also love sun. Full bright steaming sunlight will ensure these guys thrive. Kitchen windowsills are a firm favourite, as that's a good place for catching flies too. They can even live outside during the summer. 

These gorgeous Sarracenias are satisfyingly chunky. The pitchers stand upright straight from the soil, and work very well to catch flies on a kitchen windowsill!

Pot size 12cm.

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