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XL Beaucarnea recurvata 'Ponytail Palm' (176)

Believe it or not this plant is a succulent! It stores all the water it needs in that gorgeous caudex trunk. The combination of leaves plus a huge woody base makes the Beaucarnea one of the most beautiful plants there is. It's structural, statement and stoic. These plants are incredibly slow growing, therefore we estimate 50+ years old.

This plant is a giant. Potted into a 35cm plastic pot, it sits at 110cm tall at the tallest point. It was brought back from Preston where it got a little squashed in the van. This is why the top is slightly off centre, but this will soon rectify itself as the plant grows. It is an absolutely stunning plant.

These plants require very bright light, greenhouse conditions ideally. Water thoroughly but only when bone dry, and restrict watering from October to around March. See our care advice article for full details.

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