Bocabar Bristol

As of April 2022 we are the official supplier to fellow indie brand and Bristol native Bocabar in Paintworks, BS4. Thanks to Mel and Paul Eavis we are now the proud plant people supplying, maintaining and selling indoor plants, cacti, pots and planters from their beautiful bar, eatery and event space.

Plants for sale

All of the plants for sale are indoor houseplants, mainly tropical, some cacti and some succulents. Although not too many cacti & succulents as we don't want them to sit around in low light for too long - being a large indoor space, the unit we are using is not directly near to any real light source. We need those to sell quickly and reach their forever homes before not too long!

Because the space doesn't have a huge amount of natural light, the majority of plants for sale here are low light loving and tolerant of dry periods. Think Zamioculcas, Yucca, Ivy, Epipremnum, Tradescantia, Ficus, Sansevieria, Chlorophytum (Spider Plant) and more.

We will also slowly be building the supply of large statement plants, pots, planters and other items for sale at Boca, depending on demand. Mel has also sourced a supplier of macrame plant hangers, which will complement the hanging plants perfectly.

The installation

We visited the site during closing hours with vans packed full of fresh new greenery. This allowed us to get up onto the worktops and build a lush new display ready for reopening the following day. 

Each individual plant is labelled with the name and full care advice, plus our website details for further information. As we are not there selling the plant in person, we need to ensure as much info can be gained from the point of sale as possible. The Paintworks staff also have our contact details for any pressing questions on the day!

The Mint installation at Bocabar in Paintworks, Bristol

How Mint works

Once the installation is complete, we then make a weekly maintenance visit to the bar to bring new stock, check the existing stock, drag them outside for watering and replace any that are looking less than optimal. Plants are live stock and so need continual maintenance to keep them fresh and healthy, so it is natural to have a lot of movement in the conditions and quality of the stock.

We run regular sales and discounts at the Mint HQ on Stapleton Road, BS5, so it is very easy to bring plants back to the shop that may not be quite loving their life at Bocabar for example. Plants can be fickle things after all! This keeps the concession display looking in tip top condition, and keeps the most beautiful plants available for the wonderful people of BS4.

Bocabar installation Mint Bristol

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