About Us

Mint Plants was created in 2018 by Hayley Stephens (me), out of a sheer frustration at the lack of variety available to UK households when it came to indoor greenery. As my obsession with houseplants grew, so did the amount of money spent on dodgy auction websites trying to find weird and wonderful plants for my windowsills.

Read more about my story on our blog post, The Story Behind Mint.

The shop was started in a little old 1960's tobacconist in the Cotswold town of Wotton Under Edge, alongside LoobyLou Yarns - a luxury wool and yarn shop ran by Tina (H's mum). Here we are on opening day in September 2018. I had 'PLANTER' on my shirt, and mum had 'KNITTER' on hers - so that the customers knew who to ask which questions!

Hayley & Tina

After Coronavirus and various other untimely life events, Tina decided to take the wool business online, and in April 2021 H took over the whole of the Wotton premises for house plants, plant pots, compost, sundries and the ever expanding range of houseplant accessories now stocked.

As the business grew, there was a need for more space and higher footfall. And so in February 2022, Mint found its new home of 226 Stapleton Road, Easton, Bristol. Read more about our move to Bristol on our blog, Moving to Bristol.

Unfortunately, while the Bristol shop was a complete dream for myself and the team, it quickly became clear it was going to be difficult to achieve what I had hoped for.

The shop was huge, and with an already large rent & wages bill to pay, the cost of living crisis started to really bite. Not to mention trying to bring up an unruly toddler at the same time. Something had to give.

My dream has always been to work with plants in whatever form, and so in Summer 2023 the difficult decision was made to scale the business back and close the retail shop.  

Whilst this was a very sad and stressful time, the business has been moved to a shipping container, where the online operations still continue in full swing. Most of the plants are now housed at Elm Tree Care Farm just down the road in Bristol, where we have been fortunate enough to have been given access to some greenhouse space.

Read more about the current stage of this crazy journey on our newest blog post, Moving OUT of Bristol.

Mint Plants in Brisington Bristol