Our brand

Our brand

Our brand is one of the most important pieces of Mint. When we opened in 2018 I wanted it to be clean, clear and precise. We set specific colours - the deep greens against bright white, and a simple clear font to ensure clarity at all times.

When we moved to our Bristol shop, that's when I let my imagination run wild. I dreamt of bright colours in amongst the deep greens, vibrant neon orange and pink.

We painted the floor bright orange and got a neon sign with our slogan 'That's f**king Mint' on the walls. Upon filling the shop with glossy, green foliage the place looked epic and signified a shift in the brand for Mint. No longer were we just a little village shop, we were now a fully fledged, incredible business.

As our business grew, so did our online presence and orders. I wanted to give our customers the exact same feeling as to coming into the shop, picking something beautiful, and carrying it carefully away.

The first thing you saw when you entered the shop was the neon sign, stuck high up on the wall directly in front of you. Therefore, the first thing you should see when you receive one of our packages is this same sight.

I found Sticker Mule online and was super impressed. They create thick, glossy, branded tape that's as strong as an ox, and their giant rolls of 30m tape last forever too. It's dry tape that comes with a sponge for application, which means we can use the tape on top of our regular tape, purely as decoration, so we get to use less and worry less about whether it's going to hold or not - it doesn't need to.

So if you like the look of our boxes and wonder how we do it, check out Sticker Mule's Custom Packaging Tape - it's quite brilliant.

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