Home Visits

Home Visits

We have carried out many a home visit over the years, ranging from simply walking around the house and checking all your plants are in the right place for optimal growth, to a full 6 hour repotting marathon.

Hayley can provide expert advice on plant placement within the home including things to watch out for such as draughts, dark spots and temperature fluctuations. 

We often bring plants with us too if you need some options for new greenery within the home. If needed, we can also bring a full set of repotting equipment including compost, compost mixes such as perlite and gravel, a full range of plastic pots, moss poles and string to sort out unruly trailing plants.

We can repot your plants, tidy them up, or simply advise on something that might be going wrong. If you need additional plants and/or pots following the visit, we can quote for this too.

Prices are £35 per hour + VAT, including travel time. Compost is usually around £5 per bag, additions such as perlite and gravel £2 per bag. Plastic pots are usually free as we have a tonne spare and moss poles usually around £6-8 depending on size.

If you'd like to book a visit with Hayley, it will be well worth it. For info please contact hayley@mintplants.co.uk

We will trash your house, but it will be worth it!

Healthy houseplants repotted and ready for another year of maintenance free growth.

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Hi all
Hope you are well!

I’m looking for some help repotting my monstera plant where the moss poll is leaning heavily to one side. I also think it needs a bigger pot. I was also hoping on some advice on what plants to have in the flat with the light that we have. My post code is SE25 6PR but fully understand if this is not in your area.

Many thanks


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