Origins Tattoo, Wotton under Edge

Origins Tattoo, Wotton under Edge

August 2021. Origins tattoo needed large, easy care plants that could happily exist amongst the business of a tattoo studio.

Low light was also a key requirement for the back of the premises where blinds would be shut for a large portion of the day. 

We installed a large Ficus in the front entrance space, with a smaller Ficus in the window which could handle bright light. A Calathea makoyana was chosen for the table, as the indirect light and warmth in this space would be ideal for this plant.

Epipremnum aureum (Devil's ivy) was chosen for the middle of the space where the light was still bright. Something was needed to brighten up the shelving and this plant with a chunky grey ceramic pot was perfect.

Finally at the back of the shop we chose a large Zamioculcas. Full maintenance training was given to the team, such as water the Zamioculcas once a month.

Origins Tattoo Studio, Wotton under Edge, Ficus and peperomia

Origins Tattoo, large Zamioculcas, low light loving

Large zamioculcas at Origins tattoo studio, Wotton under Edge

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