QEH Bristol - easy care plants in the headmasters office

QEH Bristol - headmasters office

August 2021. The QEH tasked us with filling the Headmasters office with understated, easy care plants to set off the brand new decor. 

There was an existing Ficus which needed to be repotted and remain in the same place as this was an heirloom plant. We used light loving plants such as Schefflera and Dracaena for the window spaces and lower light loving plants such as the Zamioculcas, Philodendron micans and Sansevieria for the other spaces.

We used a combination of grey and mustard coloured ceramic pots to set off the gorgeous blue and yellow tones of the room.

Full training was given to the staff members for watering, and a monthly maintenance visit was set up to ensure the staff were caring for the plants correctly.

A beautiful result.

QEH Bristol easy care plants in office

QEH Bristol Ficus in window space

QEH Bristol Schefflera in window office

QEH Bristol ZZ plant and Philondendron on shelf

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