Repotting Service

Bring us your plants to repot!

We carry out repotting services of all kinds. From a brand new lemon tree in its nursery pot, to an overgrown Monstera deliciosa in desperate need of some support, our customers bring us all sorts.

Small plant repotting is £5 and large plant repotting is usually £10. If we need to use any additional materials like a moss pole, we will advise of this when we see the plant in person. 

All you have to do is bring the plant in, leave us with your number and we contact you as soon as it is done!

Check out below for some pics of our most recent Monstera support mission!

This was the plant on arrival. Held up by canes and sewing thread!

Monstera before

First we let the plant loose...

Monstera during

We checked all the roots over, repotted it with fresh soil, placed the pole low down and firmly packed alongside the main stem, and tied it up.

Monstera tying up

The finished result. A new leaf popped out 24hrs later. Happy Monstera!