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Mini Bonsai Portulacaria afra 'Elephant Bush'

A baby Portulacaria, relation of the Crassula or Jade plant. Planted in a terracotta pot with saucer included. In order to correctly Bonsai this plant, keep it in this pot for many years to come.

Water only when slight wrinkling appears on the leaves, and water thoroughly. We advise you to soak the plant until the saucer is full, wait for it to empty, and repeat. The plant will take a few hours to fully rehydrate. Then, leave until you see the wrinkling again.

Keep in bright light, but not necessarily full sun. These plants do not need full sun but will struggle in very low light, so best to find a nice bright spot near to a sunny window if possible.

Lower leaves can be periodically trimmed off to encourage branching along the stem. Keep trimming slowly, over time, until the desired form is achieved. For any queries on Bonsai or this plant in particular, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Planted in a 10cm vintage terracotta pot, saucer included.

See our care advice article for full details.

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